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Rear view of the violin being played

Get in touch! Phone or email me, and we can arrange a time to meet and talk through what your aims are.

I don't yet have an instrument - should I get one now?

Don't jump into buying anything yet - wait until we've talked through exactly what your needs will be. It would be much better to have a bit of a delay now than to start off on an unsuitable violin or viola.

I've got a violin, but I don't know if it's the right size/in playable condition/good enough.

When we first meet, bring it along, I'll take a look at it and let you know whether it meets your needs. If it's an older instrument, it may need a small amount of work to get it back up to playable condition, provided it's not sustained any major damage.

I'm not sure about XYZ...

Feel free to ask me any questions. No matter how silly you may think they are, somebody else has probably asked the same things in the past.

Talking of silly do you pronounce your name?

Just like 'Owen'. Don't worry, pretty much everyone asks the same thing, unless they're also of Welsh descent.