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Screenshot of Audacity

If you're looking to do basic home recording, or need to edit sound files, then this is probably the tool for you. It's a free, open source application which can be a powerful tool, great for getting simple tasks done with the minimum of fuss while also offering more powerful options for those who need them.

Particularly useful features include:

  • An automatic noise removal tool, and a versatile equaliser, so imperfect home recordings can be quickly improved a great deal.
  • Speed changes: slow down recordings without changing the pitch, which can be great when trying to learn a challenging new piece.
  • Multi-track recording, so if you've put together your own arrangement you can record separate parts one at a time.
  • Cross-platform support, running on Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Note that being truly free software, it doesn't work with proprietary audio formats such as WMV and AAC, and to export MP3s you need to install an encoder separately, following these instructions.

    Audacity website